Energy Efficient New Home Construction

Project Evaluation & Energy Modelling Services

Review all files, plans, documents relating to construction. Provide potential preliminary ratings as a result of base case and various upgrade cases for the home to meet code requirements and reflect budgetary constraints. Once preferred methods and equipment have been selected, necessary documents are prepared for submission to building officials for approval.

 Mid-Construction Verification

Blower door service is performed after the air barrier has been fully applied to identify air leakage locations, assess airtightness and aid in the improvement of air leakage control practices. Appropriate construction stage for this test will be determined based on air barrier method selected.



Verification and Final Testing

Blower Door service is performed to record final airtightness results. If remediation is necessary to reach compliance, the Energy Advisor will stay on site to aid in locating areas for improvement. Data collection including mechanical systems, window and door specifications, and geometry details are reviewed. Verification of as-built house characteristics are recorded and compared to pre-construction report. Adjustments are made where necessary to reflect actual house attributes. The As-Built Compliance Report is prepared for submission to building officials prior to occupancy.


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Frequently Asked New Home Questions

Q: What is a Service Organization?

A: A service organization acts as an intermediary between Energy Advisors and Natural Resources Canada in providing the EnerGuide Rating Service. A fundamental role they play is providing quality assurance and supplemental training for Energy advisors.

Q: Who is your Service Organization?

A: Canadian Home Builder’s Association (CHBA)

Q: What is the BC Energy Step Code?

A: The BC Energy Step Code is a compliance path in the BC Building Code that requires a targeted level of energy efficiency in new construction. These targets will allow for the residential construction sector to transform over time towards Net Zero Ready buildings improving health and comfort within homes while reducing energy consumption.

Q: Do I need to use an Energy Advisor to comply with the BC Energy Step Code?

A: All BC Energy Step Code compliance requires energy modelling and airtightness testing.

Q: Are there rebates available when constructing a new home?

A: Yes
FortisBC New Homes Program
Genworth Mortgage Loan Insurance
CMHC Mortgage Loan Insurance
CleanBC Better Homes New Construction Program
For an updated list of available rebates we suggest visiting:

Q: Who applies for eligible rebates?

A: Either the builder or their Energy Advisor can typically apply for available rebates with authorization given.

Q: What does a builder need to provide to get started?

A: An outline of what is needed and what to expect when working with an Energy Advisor can be found (page 1 / page 2)

Q: What happens if I fail an airtightness test?

A: We will help you identify air leakage locations and you will need to remediate the problems. A new airtightness test will then need to be performed.

Q: How long does it take to get started?

A: Generally, once we have all of the required information results will be returned within 1-2 weeks.

Q: How much do your services cost?

A: Many factors are considered when providing an estimate for our services including location, complexity of the home, and construction targets. Please contact us so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate.