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Energy Advisors

Your consultants for building better homes What is an energy advisor?

Save Money

Well insulated and airtight homes help to keep utility bills lower throughout the year. For a marginal increase in up front material costs, the average homeowner can achieve significant savings on the operational costs of their homes over time. Which is great, because energy efficient buildings tend to be higher quality and last longer because of greater attention to detail. 

Protect the Planet

The built environment- where people live, work and play- contributes over 17% of all greenhouse gas emissions in BC. An energy efficient home uses a combination of carefully selected components and construction practices to lower energy consumption, resulting in reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Having an energy efficient home means that you'll be participating in providing a better future for the next generation. 

Healthier, Higher Quality Homes

High performance homes are designed to work as a system; constructing to higher efficiency standards has tangible benefits for homeowners and tenants alike. These buildings are healthier due to better indoor air quality, reduced mold and moisture.

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