Energy Advisors for BC Step Code

First introduced in 2017, the BC Energy Step Code is a performance-based energy efficiency standard for new buildings in British Columbia. The purpose of the code is to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with new building construction.

The BC Energy Step Code is designed to be a flexible, modular approach to energy efficiency in new buildings, and is intended to be phased in over time, with increasing energy efficiency requirements for new construction. The code is based on a series of 5 steps, each of which represents a higher level of energy efficiency than the previous.

To achieve these higher levels of efficiency, new buildings must be designed and constructed to meet increasingly stringent performance targets. This may include the use of high-performance insulation and air-sealing systems, high-efficiency heating and cooling systems, and advanced building envelope and glazing systems, among other things.

As Energy Advisors, we're familiar with the various Step Code requirements across the province and assist home builders in meeting them through mandatory energy modeling and on-site testing of each individual home. 

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