About Ecolibrium Energy Solutions

Meet John and Tessa…

Just a couple of energy advisors working with residential contractors, helping them to build better houses.

Why?  Because we love it!

John and Tessa have known each other for almost 15 years and have both been working in the construction industry for most of that time; John in the glazing industry and Tessa in residential fenestration. They enjoyed their respective jobs, but they also wanted to branch out on their own. With a Bachelor of Commerce and a Bachelor’s in Business Admin between them, they knew they had the skills to run a company.

So, John & Tessa started looking at options and quickly realized that energy advising was a perfect fit for them. A mixture of math and science, analysis, and field testing; part office work, (so we can hang with our dogs), part site visits (because people are cool too!), part consulting and part investigating. Ecolibrium Energy Solutions was born in 2019.  A few years in and we wouldn’t trade this profession for the world.


Tessa Hall

Tessa Hall is an Energy Advisor who works with local contractors and homeowners to meet energy code requirements, reduce consumption and cost of monthly energy bills through whole home evaluations including site assessments and consulting. She has been interested in energy efficiency for as long as she can remember. Growing up in Eastern Ontario where houses are beautiful, full of craftsmanship and quirks but drafty and expensive to run, she experienced energy poverty first hand.

In all of her work, she strives to make sure that the end users of homes she evaluates don’t have to encounter the same. Her biggest achievements are her clients’ successes. Tessa loves to help people reach their goals, whether it’s exceeding an airtightness target or giving an old house new life by making it more comfortable and healthy to live in. She works with all types of projects from small renovations to multifamily developments with the same thoughtful approach.

A passionate life-long learner, Tessa is always looking to further her knowledge base and add value for her clients. She has recently completed training in Integrated Design Facilitation, and HVAC training for equipment sizing. Although she does not enjoy being the center of attention, she is always happy to speak to the public about energy efficiency and design. Tessa has co-hosted podcast discussions and webinars with FGIA, given public presentations on the BC Energy Step Code, and works with local energy efficiency groups in her community to support energy literacy.

When she’s not working, Tessa enjoys the company of her two dogs and her husband in the home they’ve recently completed a deep energy retrofit on. Reach out to Tessa through social media, email or better yet, give her a call. She would love to hear about your project and figure out how she can help.


John is a licensed Energy Advisor experienced working in both new construction and existing homes. Before becoming an Energy Advisor he worked in the commercial and residential glazing industry in the Greater Vancouver area for over 20 years.

Through performing deep energy retrofits on his own home and assisting friends and family with theirs, an interest energy efficiency was born. When the opportunity arose John chose to pursue a career as an Energy Advisor and founded Ecolibrium Energy Solutions Inc. with Tessa.

John was born and raised in the Lower Mainland and has enjoyed all the natural beauty and activities it provides. By assisting homeowners and builders create energy efficient homes he hopes to help maintain that natural beauty for generations to come.