Specialization in Integrated Design Process

IDP (Integrated Design Process)
Integrated Design Process (IDP) is a collaborative design approach that is intended to optimize performance, cost, occupant comfort and resilience of a residential building. It involves engaging the builder and their team including designers, mechanical contractor, energy advisor, plumber, electrician, framers, and insulators – at an early design stage. IDP examines the needs and performance of a building throughout its lifecycle with the goal of ensuring that the objectives of the builder are met.
A report which summarizes the following:
•Project overview (project location, housing type, number of units, construction timelines)
• Attendees of visioning and charrette workshops
• Visioning session and charette notes
• Observations of performance benchmarking activities
• Modelling and design optimization results
• Proposed solutions
• Lessons learned, key strategies and knowledge derived from the process of performing envelope and
mechanical design, and/or IDP.

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